Hello my friends,

I hope you guys are doing good!
I think everyone knows that yellow is one of the best warm colors to wear. Especially in the cold winter, when everything it’s grey and dark outside, it’s really nice to bring a little bit of warmth, into the freezing days.

In today’s style guide I want you to look at some of my favorite street style ideas to follow this season. That’s a real beautiful color to try. I am sure everyone will agree with me, that yellow isn’t the color what you typically see everyone’s wearing. It’s bright, loud and eye-catchy. In other words, you are in center of everyone’s attention. Maybe, you might say it’s to bright to wear and I am afraid of looking conspicuous, but believe me, once you try it, you will love it.

You can either wear your black colored clothes with yellow pieces or you try on wearing a yellow sweater with a marine blue trousers and some “used vintage look” shoes, like I did. It looks fantastic and if you want to make it more classy, you can wear a nice shirt under your sweater!

I have just decorated the outfit with some nice details, to make the look more magical.
I hope you like it my friends and if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below so I can interact with you!! 🙂

Talk to you soon

Peyman Kashi


                                                                                                      SHOP THIS LOOK                                                                                                       


YELLOW SWEATER – CLICK HERE                           NAVY COAT – CLICK HERE                           NAVY TROUSERS – CLICK HERE

VINTAGE SHOES – CLICK HERE                                  SCARF – CLICK HERE                                        CASIO WATCH – CLICK HERE

BLACK GLASSES – CLICK HERE                                   WOOD BRACELETS – CLICK HERE             

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Man, you are my biggest inspiration. I love your style!


thanks for your kind words!!


wooo Peyyyyymaaaan you’re bellisismo!
lots of kisses



I’M in Love with your Pullover! Trying to find them to buy in the UK. Anyone know where I could get them ?

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