Gentleman, Love..
It’s a beautiful thing. Finding that special someone who fits you like a glove. The ying to your yang.
Exactly, it’s that time guys, Valentine’s Day!
Of course Valentine’s Day is a scam, man to sell chocolates and roses and we know that we as modern man, should let the someone special know, each and every day, 365 days how much they mean to us.
We know that, but it doesn’t matter what we know. It’s what they want. And they want a outward expression of love.
My personal opinion is, that roses, flowers or Chocolates, are played out. Don’t be lame like that, you can do better and hopefully this tricks or tipps or five things that you can do, in order to express your love,  will help sparks some creative juices.


Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift – Nr. 1 

valentine's dayMake a short video. Letting her know 10 reasons why you are super pumped that she is your valentine. Seriously, how brilliant is that ?! You get to plan it, you get to strategize, all the things you wanna say. You can be fun, you can be playful, you can be lovely in romantic or mix them all up, in one amazing like top 10 ten reasons why “you are the best part of my life”. It’s nice and easy and you can send it with a nice editing to your love. Or if you’re a bit bolder, you can share it on social media. Trust me, she will love it.



Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Nr. 2

valentine's dayGo paint something. Have you ever seen those places, that little kids have parties. There you going and paint pottery. That’s actually more fun, that it sounds and it’s a great Date Idea and something that you guys might wanna consider for valentine’s day. The cool thing is, that you might be able to actually bring like a bottle of wine, a glasses and make a evening out of it. You go, you pick a piece of pottery and you guys will sit there, drink – casually, have conversation and paint some pottery. It’s amazing, it’s an expression of your love, your time and it doesn’t die like roses.




Relaxing Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Nr. 3

valentine's dayPlan a spa day. The fact is, that women loves spas. Another fact, spa services are not that bad and so it’s kind of interesting. She will think it’s for her, but really, your both will benefiting from the relax and massage. This is a great way to get something out for both.




Extraordinary Valtinetine’s Day Gift Idea – Nr. 4

valentine's dayIt’s a staycation.  Leave the house and have a romantic evening at a hotel. Who doesn’t love going to a hotel. Exactly, room service, hanging out or plan a great night out, go to a fancy dinner or a casual dinner, a picknick, whatever. It doesn’t matter. But just go and do something out of the ordinary. Bring a little spice into your life.




Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Nr. 5

valentine's dayMake her an amazing dinner, you plan, you cook, you place the candles. It’s 100% a win, for sure! Food is romantic and you taking the time, to actually plan, make, create the entire ambiance, as well as the food, that’s something that shows, that you put care, time and effort into something for your significant other. 

But if you say that isn’t enough and you want something more special, I can recommend you to mix it all up. The spa day, dinner and hotel night. It’s a unbeatable combo and will be your best Valentine ever.


It’s Valentine’s Day, the show is on and our expression is expected of our love.
Gentleman hopefully this 5 tips will give you some ideas and some things that you can try. 


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