The three Body Types (Metabolic Type)

metabolic type man

Every body and every person is unique. The metabolic type or “somatyping” is divided into three different metabolic types. However, it depends on the genetics and can not be altered independently of diet or training.

The “phenotype”, however, can be changed through targeted training, discipline
 a clean diet. The phenotype is our external appearance of our body.

metabolic type womanNote: Every body type, can achieve it’s individual goal with a proper diet and optimal training. (Phenotype) It is very important to know your own body type beforehand, so that the necessary nutrition and the right training method can be determined for the desired figure. The metabolic type can thus also be optically determined.


Self test for you:

With the characteristics of these three categories you can stand in front of the mirror and assign your body type accordingly.
Through the description below, you can also determine your body type immediately.


Characteristics of each Metabolic type

Metabolic Type Ectomorph (Hardgainer) Mesomorph Endomorph (Softgainer)
  • Tends to slimming
  • Can eat a large amount of
    Food – without
    becoming fat.
  • No big appetite
  • Worse reception
    of nutrients



  • “golden middle”
  • Best genetic conditions
  • Can build fat free muscle mass
  • Efficient nutrient absorption
  • good strength
  • Can easily bulk mass or get
    shredded (athletic)



  • Quickly builds muscles
  • Takes very quickly to fat
  • Plump as well as “Brawny”
  • Very strong
  • Brawny wrists, legs, calves and arms
  • wide shoulders



metabolic type ectomorph man metabolic type ectomorph woman metabolic type mesomorph man metabolic type Mesomorph woman metabolic type endomorph man metabolic type endomorph woman

Mixed forms of body types – “Skinny Fat”

metabolic type Skinny Fat man

Many people will have multiple properties from different metabolic type groups. This is because there are many mixed forms. In most cases, it is also possible optically to determine which two types are mixed together. For example, there are many people who are “skinny fat”. It means, that they are a mixture of ectomorph and endomorph.
(Despite thin arms and legs, thick hips, belly or breasts). metabolic type Skinny fat woman

Therefore, many people look very different physically. Perhaps you’ve noticed it once in your gym ?

Unfortunately, you can not choose or modify your body type because it is based on your metabolism and it’s genetically conditioned. But with the right diet and the optimal training you can create from every situation, the dream body you always wanted. And I’ll show you how it works!


Conclusion Metabolism type determination

As you can see, it isn’t that hard to find the determination of your metabolic type. Afterwards you can adjust the food and the training methods accordingly. That’s why you should always follow an individual training and nutrition plan, that’s adapted to your body type and never take the plans of bodybuilders or fitness models from the magazines.

Furthermore, it is very important for you to answer the following questions: What are metabolism types and what are the differences between them ? What kind of metabolism is affecting me ?

Only when you can answer these questions and know what is important, you will be able to get the most out of yourself and your body!
For this reason, I will explain to you in the next post which training and nutritional methods are appropriate for each individual body type to build muscle, get shredded or build mass.

Question: Did you already know about the 3 body types ? Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph – and which of the three body types is affecting you ? Write me your opinion or experience in the comments, so I can help you then.

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very useful article, thank you!! In this case I am a Mesomorph. 🙂

Greetings, Ralph


thanks buddy for this post. But how do I know what I have to eat ?
Bests from England


Thank you!! I will do soon a new post about how to train and how to eat.

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