biography Peyman Kashi

Biography Peyman Kashi

Model, Fashion Blogger & Fitness Coach

Peyman Kashi is a 23-year-old persian who was born in the capital city of Iran, Teheran. 
At the age of 2, he and his family also left his hometown to live in Germany.

He is the founder of the Blog which he created in July 2016, the blog its based on fashion, fitness, travel and also lifestyle.
Through his amazing body transformation, he has become a role model and Idol for thousands of people who also have the goal of changing their bodies and mindsets forever.

Peyman Kashi is one of the new faces in the Fashion Industry and also in the world of Social Media. He inspires endless people every day by writing about his passions and also showing his own personal style!




Peyman.. I am following you on Instagram Facebook and youtube I love you so much although I don’t even know you. hehe
Please make more Videos. want to see and know more about you.
Big Kisses from Napoli, Laura


thank you so much my dear. I love reading comments like this!
Hugs Peyman


Hey hii….I love ur style your fashion is awesome…..Nd ur too dashing

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