How to have better Hair!

better hair peyman kashiSomething that is not overrated, is having amazing hair and there is absolutely no reason why 2017 can’t be your most awesome hair year yet. Today I am going over 7 Tips to have better hair this year. Nobody disputing the fact that your hair is already pretty good, but it could be better. And I have identified 7 things you could do immediately that will have a dramatic and instantaneous effect on the Luscious of those locks.




1. Using the right Shampoo

better hair shampooDandruff is disgusting, it is embarrassing and you should make sure to use the right care and cleaning products for your hair. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your head skin and your hair structure. If your hair is dry, you should use a shampoo that nourishes your hair with more fluid. It should contain ingredients such as Almond, Argan, Avocado or rich concentrate of protective jojoba and repairing babassu oil, which has an extraordinary effect and maintain the scalp. Or if you have greasy hair you should use products to make the hair fresh, shiny and voluminous. And which minimize the oil production so that the hair becomes less greasy with time.



2. Change the length

better hair lengthIf your currently wearing or have been wearing for some time, a short hairstyle, let it grow. Change is good and its also critical for you, looking your best and having better hair this year. If your currently have long hairs like a rockstar, get a cut shorter – fresh and edgy. Try something new, change up the mainframe for better results.





3. If balding or thinning, take it off

better hair cutIf you are noticing, that you are losing or thinning your hair. I would recommend adding some detail and dimension by picking up a great frame. If you’re not in the glasses or don’t wear them, add some facial hair. Experiment with different styles and shapes, to bring the focus more on your facial hair. It’s a great way to add interest detail and dimension, so that handsomeness had a face of yours.




4. Find a new Stylist

better hair with stylistThere is a good stylist and there is a bad stylist. If you’re currently not 100% satisfied or you go in and feel not understood and never really listen to you. I would highly recommend find something new.
A good hairstylist will offer recommendations, he will answer your questions. If you bring them a picture they will talk to you about it and not just do what they want. The other thing I would recommend is, talk to your stylist about product. Have them actually show you before you leave, how to style your hair with the product you use.




5. Start taking better care of your hair

better hair results with oilsJust because you have it, you shouldn’t take it for guaranteed. Once or twice a week use a conditioner to help hydrate, nurse and strengthen your hair shaft. Trim the split ends, along with the eliminating super high heat and a lot of over processing.



6. Upgrade your hair products

better hair careThis includes your shampoo, your conditioner and your styling aids. If you currently using cheap quality and super inexpensive hair products, you should know, that the quality is poor. In terms of the ingredients, a lot of times they gonna have super high alcohol content, which will dry your hair out. There also not gonna perform the way that you need them to. Now one of the downsides of using higher products is that they cost a bit more. The more expensive they make, is because they have better ingredients. Good quality products should uses high end botanticals, extracts, and anti-oxidants so the products perform and are healthy for your hair.


7. Improve your diet for better hair

better hair with omegaNot only is it going to help with the physical looking amazing of yourself. It’s also going to help your hair. Get more of the good fats like omega 3, 6 and 9. Eat fish, avocado, nuts, legumes and good oils to nourish your hair with his needs. Also make sure you stay hydrated. Because if you’re dehydrated, your hair will be dehydrated and can be damaged.



I hope this Post is helpful for you guys and you will use them to get better hair instantly!
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Hey I would like to know which hair product do you use ? Can you please show me the website you buy it from.


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