Which Metabolic type am I ? The three body types

Content The three Body Types (Metabolic Type) Characteristics of each Metabolic type Mixed forms of body types Conclusion Metabolism type determination   The three Body Types (Metabolic Type) Every body and every person is unique. The metabolic type or “somatyping” is divided into three different metabolic types. However, it depends on the genetics and can not … Continue Reading

Calorie Calculator – How much calories do I need ?

How much calories do I need daily ? DEUTSCH⬇️*(Klick) What are calories? How do calories put together ? What do I need calories for? What is the basic turnover? Calculate your daily caloric consumption Determine your calorie needs quickly and easily using the method below. But first, I would like to explain a few things to … Continue Reading


Fat Burning with High Intensity Training (HIIT) Do you spending for hours on the treadmill or stationary bike and after months of training, you still look the same ? Here is the reason why! The traditional 40-minute treadmill walk is inefficient and is one of the most ineffective methods to stimulate fat burning. High intensity sprints – … Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Hi guys! (Deutsche Version unten) Today I want to talk about the importance of breakfast and why you shouldn’t skip it! Below you can find a simple recipe for a healthy and delicious breakfast which I recommend. A lot of people nowadays tend to skip breakfast  in an effort to lose weight and neglect its crucial nutritional importance. … Continue Reading

Chest Workout by Peyman Kashi – A BEGINNER’S GUIDE

  Hi Guys! – Hi Leute! In this article, I will show you how beginners can build up a chest and discusses recommended exercises! I will include my top 5 chest building exercises to help you to get started! Though the chest is made up of one single mass of muscle, it should be trained like … Continue Reading


Hey Guys, what’s up ?? In this Post I will give you a little insight of my Diet plan and how I maintain my Diet routine to stay “lean” all year round. I’ve tested a lot of different things in the last 4-5 years and thanks to so much research I’ve lost 20 kg Fat. … Continue Reading


The Inspiring Story about Peyman Kashi (Body Transformation Picture & Video below) Today I’ll be addressing to you guys, as my friends, in a more personal and bounding way. I will tell you a story. A personal story, my own story, about how Fitness changed my life! I was all my childhood a chubby guy, always … Continue Reading